Day 1


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

Last week my friend, T-Van, texted me to fill me in on a yoga starter package that I “had to buy” — 20 days for $20. It really is an excellent deal, and I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga for a while now.

Let me be clear: when I say “get back into yoga”, I mean at an entry level. I’ve started yoga twice already over  the past decade. I love it, but it has yet to stick.

So today was DAY 1. It’s a small class — four of us in total (not including our instructor, Jordan). Nice space too.

I would say I survived the first day quite well — with a medium amount of tenderness and, of course, shakiness.  Jordan uses a lot of holds in his class. Lots of holds = lots of shakes.

Our next class is in a couple of days. Haven’t decided whether I’m going to try to practice on the “off days” yet..


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