Silently Screaming at My Yoga Teacher

Today’s practice was intense. And while teacher calmly talked our small group (there are four of us) through our poses I tried to quiet my monkey mind — but I know it’s going to take more than a couple of classes to discipline myself. The part of the class that held my attention somewhat was the endurance work.  During this part of the practice, teacher talks us into position, guides our breathing, and then proceeds to (take forever to) count the hold.

A (striking) point of weakness for me is that small muscle atop my quadricep.  I believe it’s called the  vastus intermedius, and the pose it seems to respond the most violently to is The Warrior 2 Pose (or,Virabhadra, for all you yogis). After a total of ten hold-seconds, this muscle is burning and as teacher counts (and counts) us through the hold, I breathe deeply and evenly while screaming loudly and erratically inside my head. All the while focusing on one unmoving spot — drishti.


I may not have been consistently jiving with the flow of today’s practice, and as I write my quads are tender. The challenge of yoga is being where you are in the moment. Still, I’m looking ahead to a time when these muscles work with silent efficiency. And a time when I could crack an egg on them.


2 thoughts on “Silently Screaming at My Yoga Teacher

    • LOL I’ve often wondered about P90X. I know a few people who are into the BeachBody thing in a big way. They LOVE it. I have a hard time being motivated by DVDs. Working IRL with people is what motivates me. cheers.

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