Midlife Crisis..or is it?

Woke from a pounding headache at 3AM today and I think yoga’s the culprit. We spent a lot of time on twisting poses during my last practice, and, according to Yoga Journal online, twists provide a lot of health benefits;

“Yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar describes twists as a “squeeze-and-soak” action: The organs are compressed during a twist, pushing out blood filled with metabolic by-products and toxins. When we release the twist, fresh blood flows in, carrying oxygen and the building blocks for tissue healing. So from the physiological standpoint, twists stimulate circulation and have a cleansing and refreshing effect on the torso organs and associated glands.”

So apparently the toxins were squeezed from my organs and glands, and they needed, er, release from my body. I spent the day wearing sunglasses and drinking lots of water (to encourage release..). The headache felt like one of the worst hangovers I’ve ever had. I should have done more yoga today, but I didn’t. Instead I ruminated on the fact that I’m coming to yoga a little long in the tooth (I’m over 40!). I was feeling a little down about it, until I found a fantastic image from imgur.com:

imgur.com, Never too Old

imgur.com, Never too Old

How great is this?

As I grow up older, I want to be the womanly version of this dude.  Oh yeah — it’s on.


2 thoughts on “Midlife Crisis..or is it?

  1. I thought the same about yoga, but truth is: Yoga found me at the point in my life where I was actually receptive to the practice. So maybe in the end there’s some meaning behind all this 🙂

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