Day 6: Smashing the Challenge

Thought you might enjoy this Maris Wicks image of The Hulk practicing yoga:

Yoga Hulk, Maris Wicks

Yoga Hulk, Maris Wicks

This image really spoke to me because — aside from its obvious cute-factor — I’ve been practicing yoga as a means of letting go of the heavy stuff that makes me impatient and cranky (Hulk SMASH!). As you may know from other posts, I’ve been practicing at home on the days I’m not in class. I find that home practice is mostly a physical activity, which is great as far as exercise concerned, but the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga come together in class practice.

Day 7 will be a class practice, so I can focus on chilling out like Mr. Hulk here. In the meantime, I’m going to keep smashing my 21-day yoga challenge.




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