Savasana: the most challenging pose


Yoga Dawg Howls, Facebook

Cartoons like this one from Yoga Dawg Howls’ Facebook page are misleading. When we see people lying flat on the floor in yoga, eyes closed, and enjoying the final pose of their practice, it looks like it should be the easiest thing in the world.

I know that savasana can be challenging for teachers because students in group classes often decide to pack up as soon as savasana is introduced. To some students, savasana signals the end of the practice.

It’s not my schedule or even my lack of patience that challenges me in savasana though, it’s my monkey mind. I love fast paced vinyasas and challenging asana holds because they require concentration, but it’s the release and the surrender that savasana evokes that I find so difficult. And it may seem strange, but when I practice alone, I have an even more difficult time committing to this pose.

How’s your savasana?


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