You don’t have to wear tight clothes to do yoga.

Why is Marilyn Monroe upside down? <<Yes! So this!

Amanda Green YOGA

photo (3) Yoga Journal is lovely.  I subscribe, I’m happy to get it in the mail each month and I always get something good to think about from each issue.  But this month, I was really agitated by the cover photo.  There’s a yogini on the cover, rockin’ a version of pincha mayurasana with a really nice white outfit, a smile on her face and a coy bend of the knee—toes pointed.  She reminds me of an upside-down, playful, sexy 1940’s pin up model. tumblr_mrcgjdW9Yf1qkmctto1_500

This lovely cover photo isn’t all that unusual for Yoga Journal so I have to recognize that my annoyance has more to do with how I’m doing these days than with some insensitivity or editorial shift on their part.  I can certainly see why the editors go for smiley and lovely, but I’m dealing with some grit in my life/practice these days and I am upset that I…

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