Doggin’ it

Yoga Pals

Yoga Pals by Gemma Correll

Was on Flickr and found this cutie by Gemma Correll. I’m about to do my home yoga practice for today and I’m so excited that I can share it with my puppy! She had surgery yesterday, it went well, and she’s home (healthy!) again. Happy Friday!



Practice Anytime. Anywhere.

I’m waiting for the vet’s office to call so I can pick up some pain meds for my 12-year-old Airedale, Vegas. She’s lying beside me, half asleep and uncomfortable as I write. Her vet is treating her for an infection, which is what we hope the problem is, but he advised me yesterday that if the antibiotics don’t alleviate her symptoms, she’ll need an X-ray. I suspect the words he was avoiding were “tumor” and “cancer”, but I’m trying not to let my fears get the worst of me. At the moment, we’re treating her pain, and possibly its cause.

Living in the moment — very yoga. So even though I’m missing practice with my teacher to tend to Vegas today, I can practice yoga principals and asanas at home. As the tree frog says: “Practice Anytime. Anywhere.”


I’ll be completing Day 1 of Yoga Journal’s 21-Day Challenge this afternoon. Will keep you posted.