Yoga — in da HOUSE!

Few would argue that home yoga practice is less legitimate than studio practice. In fact, part of a well-disciplined yoga practice includes personal home

"Yoga Girl" rap by David Wittman

“Yoga Girl” rap by David Wittman


But what if personal home practice was your entire practice?

Does yoga need to be shared and witnessed to be legitimized?

I’m asking these weighty questions because I’m going into my second week of home practice. My first experience with yoga at the tender age of five years was a home practice and it created the foundation for my adult practice. Sometimes it’s simply more practical to practice at home, and sometimes — at least for me — it’s a preference.

I may head to the studio next week, but if it’s anything like this past week, I’ll be building my yoga — in da house.

Prairie yoga surfing

Stumbled on this tweet by @sarabynoe.

True, it’s funny, but it’s a wonderful image too. From this prairie girl to all you west coast yogis/yoginis, I’d rather join you in yoga on your surf boards, than my surfer prairie cousins:



Doing it everywhere!

It’s true — you can practice yoga everywhere. After enjoying an unofficial long weekend, I’m behind in house maintenancey-type things, like

grocery shopping, laundry, CLEANING… Sadly, there’s no time to hit the yoga studio today, but this image (from Tamara Dorris’ blog) has inspired me. Since I can’t get to my yoga, I’m going to take my practice with me today!

Did you get to the studio today?

Great Yoga Wall: Where Deep Tissue Massage Meets Yoga

For the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting with a new, decades old, yoga practice — The Great Yoga Wall — and I’m hooked! The Great Yoga Wall itself is new, but the principle of practicing yoga on a Yoga Wall is decades old.

What’s involved: The Great Yoga Wall

An open mind, and few pieces of equipment. The key being the pelvic swing, which is essentially a sling attached to specially designed wall plates.

Practicing yoga while tethered to the wall by a sling is both intense and satisfying. The idea behind this restorative yoga practice is to help students deepen their postures, which I’ll say is a strong benefit. What I didn’t expect, but has been a cherished byproduct of wall yoga, is the change I’m feeling in my alignment. Between classes I can feel that I’m standing taller and stronger. Also, important is the way we practice the postures on the wall — my technique on the mat is really taking off too!

I’ve included a short video from WatchMojo about The Great Yoga Wall for your viewing pleasure. If you have the chance to try your yoga on the wall, I’d go for it! Think deep tissue massage meets yoga…

Not Necessarily Yoga: Antibiotics. Yay or Nay?

As you may or may not know, I’m a fan of the graphic tee — who isn’t these days? My passion started in high school and continues to this day.

Threadless Tees has some excellent T-shirts — the designs are great, plus the cut and fabric are flattering and feel good on the skin. This one, by  Alia Rezk, isn’t a yoga shirt. I’m featuring it here because:

Pro or Anti Biotics? Threadless Tees takes on the tough questions.

Pro or Anti Biotics? Threadless Tees takes on the tough questions.

1. I love it

2. it tackles the classic antibiotics argument in a vivid and lighthearted way

There are lots of opinions on the use and overuse of antibiotics. I grapple with my use of antibiotics on a very regular basis for rosacea. Am I creating immunity issues for myself? Is there a more natural means of achieving the same result?

So far, I’m pro antibiotics — especially in treating rosacea flares. Probiotics are delicious and highly recommended, but I’ve yet to see the same results with them.