I aged 10 years in 7 minutes!

My friend, Louise, invited me to play a hateful very cool online game today that aged me ten years. The game, by Harvard group, Lab in the Wild, is designed to help them understand how human motor performance changes with age — so playing helps the group with their research.

How does it work?

In order to play the game you’ll click on 50 red dots, varying in size. The Harvard group says that their game measures click patterns to guess participants’ ages. It claims to do this with a great deal of accuracy, but most people who I know have measured between 15 and 25 years younger than they actually are. I on the other hand, can’t seem to get below 55 years of age (I’m 45)  — yes, I played a few times!

Click on this link and give it a try!

yoga is science, from YogaForNerds blog

yoga is science, from YogaForNerds blog

I’m going to have a nap, drink my prune juice, and hit a(nother) yoga class!

Yayy science!